Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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S3 E6: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

Yassssssssss werk it!!!

S3 SPECIAL: LA’s Too Turnt Up Mix!

I figured I'd throw this lit ass mix back in for fun. Esskettit! XX

S3 E5: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

More EDM, more fun! Xo

S3 E4: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

Featuring new music from Ariana Grande, Diplo, MO, Whethan, and more. Enjoy :) - LA xo

S3 E3: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

When I first heard the new Charlie Puth song "The Way I Am," I thought it sounded incredibly similar to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal." So I mixed 'em! Plus all the normal fueg. Enjoy! :)

S3 E2: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

The latest #ThirstyThursday mix from LA! Workout, get lit, whip the Rover if you got it, and enjoy :)

S3 E1: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

Hey fam - we're back!!! :) I'm finally getting settled here in Philadelphia and found time to make my mixes. I've ALSO found a little way to make these mixes sound EVEN better than before! See if you can hear the difference... Thank you so so much again for listening and also for being so patient through this transition time, it means the world, and I hope you enjoy this mix! :D Xoxo - LA

S2 E21: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

Season 2 Episode 21: LA's Thirsty Thursday!

S2 E20: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

Damn... Did we really just graduate???

S2 E19: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

The LAST #ThirstyThursday mix while all of us seniors are still together and still undergrads!!! I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING! xoxo love you!!! I'm so proud of us! :D