Monday, August 19, 2019
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S2 E21: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

Season 2 Episode 21: LA's Thirsty Thursday!

S2 E20: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

Damn... Did we really just graduate???

S2 E19: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

The LAST #ThirstyThursday mix while all of us seniors are still together and still undergrads!!! I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING! xoxo love you!!! I'm so proud of us! :D

S2 E18: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

Me? Oh, I'm okay. Just stressed beyond belief with the amount of papers and final projects and exams I have to do within a week. But we're fine!!! Surprised I had time to make this mix. xoxo love u :D P.S. Good luck to you if you're taking finals as well!!!

S2 E17: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

Doing it a little different style this week... more club style. What do you think??? Do you like it or nahhhhhhhh? Tweet me @LAOnAir / DM me @LAOnAir anywhere! :D 

S2 E16: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

Thank you so much for listening fam!!! - Love, LA :D

S2 E15: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

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S2 E13: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

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S2 E12: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

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