Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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S2 E15: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

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Did Nike REALLY Just Create WEED SHOES

With April 20th, 2018 (dubbed my many as "4/20) quickly approaching, the creative team over at Nike was not quick to pass up an opportunity to shine once again... Introducing... The SB DUNK MID PRO WHITE WIDOW's! According to Nike.com, the shoes were created by "acclaimed skate artist" Todd...

Whatever Movie Matthew McConaughey is in is About to SLAP

Okay THIS looks like a movie I actually want to SPEND MONEY to go see...

S2 E10: LA’s Thirsty Thursday!

It's LIT!!! Keep up with LA @LAOnAir on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat! #LAOnAir #LAsThirstyThursday #S2E10

Dillon Francis… IN THE DARK!

Dillion Francis sits down with LA to chat new music, dance gods, G Eazy, Fire Festival, and more!


Daya just performed at Coachella and is off to Asia right after this. We talk school, new music, Sit Still Look Pretty, Hide Away, travel and more!

Well This Escalated VERY Quickly…

From "Hollywood"- to -"Hollyweed" and "Shut the f*ck up y'all n*gg*s ain't know sh*t". We're all hip that the Hollywood sign was changed on New Years Day to look like dis: The incredible people who did this? They actually confessed. There names are "Artist" Zach Fernandez...

Drake + J’Lo = $$$

They're only in it for the moolah...