Ryan Gravelle



Ryan Gravelle

Original Founder of Rhythm Club





Gravelle on creating the Original Rhythm Club:

  De Travers was always beating in tables and desks during class. Then he started beatboxing and learned that I enjoyed beatboxing. Of course, I told him that I enjoyed beatboxing so he started challenging me to beatbox battles during recess everyday. The battles were fierce! Then other kids started joining in and Gino Quizon started competing with us and we quickly learned he was really good. What they didn’t know at the time is that Andrew Gravelle, my nephew, was a grade lower and he was also a really good beatboxer and was always beating on tables and beatboxing everywhere he went. De suggested that we start an after school program to put together a stomp-like routine and a beatboxing routine. I got approval to start the program through the Boys and Girls Clubs after school program and we started practicing a few days later. We opened it up to any kids that participated and ended up with 12 kids. I searched my garage for “extra stuff” and ended up with some paint cans, cookie sheets, plastic tubs, rulers, and other random things that I came up with. We stayed after 3 days a week for a few weeks before the call for Talent Show Auditions came out. The group auditioned, but needed a name in order to “officially participate”. We brainstormed a bit, but decided to keep it simple and went with Rhythm Club!

  At the talent show, the group performed an electric stomp-like routine and got a standing ovation. The talent show had over 600 people in attendance and the crowd truly went wild! A few acts later, De, Gino, and Andrew did a beatboxing routine and also got a standing ovation!
  Needless to say, Rhythm Club won the talent show! Rhythm Club was the talk of the school for the rest of the year.
  We held auditions the following year during the first month of school. I was so amazed because we had over 120 kids tryout and kept the 22 kids with the most rhythm and stage presence. We had 34 performance that year, including America’s Got Talent, the National Association of Multicultural Education National Conference, MD State Board of Education Leadership Awards Banquet, and the Boys and Girls Clubs Lights-On Celebration.

The original members (OG’s) of Rhythm Club: De Travers, Gino Quizon, Andrew Gravelle, Allison Hollingsworth, Scott Barber, Tina Nga, Daniel Bolton, Jordan Timmons, Nancy Bolton, Dajuan Price, and Margarett Barber.

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