Rhythm Club is a youth performing arts group allowing today’s kids to be as creative as possible, experience music and the arts in a way like no other, have fun, and more importantly: Bring their Skills!

Watch ’em Bring Their Skills!:


Rhythm Club was founded in 2006 by a group of 12 incredibly talented youth in a not-so-privileged middle school. Led by creator and master facilitator Ryan Gravelle, an 8th grade english teacher at Spring Ridge Middle School, he and Rhythm Club allowed each one of these kids to thrive and have so much joy brought to their lives. It has since grown into an after school club with more than 30 youth at SRMS, backing from local and state government officials, and has been on America’s Got Talent, the National Association of Multicultural Education National Conference, MD State Board of Education Leadership Awards Banquet, and the Boys and Girls Clubs Lights-On Celebration, the Wizards Basketball Halftime show, and more importantly is changing lives! … (For the full background, click here.)


Currently, Rhythm Club is seeking to help youth in schools across the nation as Rhythm Club USA™. Rhythm Club is creating experiences like no other in the performance arts for youth that need an outlet from their home, a ray of light, and spark of hope, and someone to believe in them.

For more information, or to get a Rhythm Club at your school or organization, please contact Michael Levay.

Rhythm Club News:


Hollywood Star Returns To His Alma Mater to Help Local Rhythm Club Reach their Dreams!


Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembered at 10th Annual Southern Maryland Prayer Breakfast


School Rhythm Club at Pride in the Park


Spring Ridge Middle School Rhythm Club makes a triumphant appearance in the Pride in the Park Parade!

Creators & Originators:

Ryan Gravelle / Creator of Rhythm Club / OG Rhythm Clubber
Michael LA Levay / Visionary & Founder of Rhythm Club USA / Founder of LAOnAir & Owner of LAOnAir Creative, LLC / OG Rhythm Clubber / Professional Fun Haver
Bonnie Beavan / Director of Rhythm Club SRMS / OG Rhythm Clubber / Definitely a Professional Fun Haver

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Rhythm Club USA™ is funded by local grants and The Kingston Foundation. Your donation IS how this organization runs, LA, the youth, and the community thanks you!

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Word on the Street!:

“Kids are all about music. Most kids relate and learn from music. We need to teach these kids and allow these kids to experience what the true magic of music is like – something they’re not getting from the mainstream media. Rhythm Club is fostering this and providing these exact opportunities to kids, the opportunities they need to change the way the see life.” – Lisa Kee, Salisbury MD

“Rhythm Club is bringing joy and a sense of hope and promise to the lives of many youth. Through the creative and performance arts, kids are able to find a light and a passion that they have never had access to before…” – Ryan Gravelle, Creator of Rhythm Club (Find all of what he said here!)

Rhythm Club USA™ 

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