LA Records

At LA Kingston Records, we are bridging the gap.

The gap that is so hard to cross. The gap that seems ever so widening.

The gap bewteen the Artist – and the Airwaves.

Meet the Artists

Dre Fortune | Corduroy | Tray Jack | Kalin Jones


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We are putting your music directly on the radio and promoting it on all platforms.


Just because.

Because we believe in the evolution of an Artist and their Music, and we believe in success.

No, seriously. 

No radio station, no producer, no CEO, no one is promoting local artists on a large or major market scale. 

Until now. 

We have some of the best industry contacts. We have an ONAIR potential reach of just under half a million. And a web reach of another half million. So, with the formation of LA Records, Artists, no matter what level they are at, can now have a chance at being on the radio, at being successful, and at being a star.

At LA Records, we would love to hear your music, and we would love to hear your story. If you are an artist, no matter the capacity, contact us. 

We want to meet you.

The Executives



Co-Founder & CEO, LA Kingston Records

Executive Producer


Albie Dee

Co-Founder & President, LA Kingston Records

Executive of Programming, Record Chairman


Garrett McCauliffe

Executive of Promotions, LA Kingston Records

Marketing Director