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LA perfectly reaches and engages an audience of tens of thousands of people daily through On Air content and social media. Proven Nielsen ratings in 12+, 18-24M/F, 100k+ engagements on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook per month. Perfect for your nights, overnights, weekends, or middays.



LAOnAir is a 4 hour Top 40/CHR (Rhythmic leaning) show. The show highlights the hottest trending content in entertainment – what’s happening right now, artist interviews from the top talents in music, film and television, The New Music Test Drive or #NMTD, an interactive new music feature/audience testing and polling, emerging artists, and hit throwbacks. Listeners are also engaged through playing requests from Twitter, Snapchat, phone calls, etc.

LAOnAir connects all aspects of entertainment, talking about and having fun with what listeners want: breaking entertainment news, celebrity and artist interviews, mixed with the hottest music in the country. Not day-part specific. Schedule your own music. Available anytime.




LAOnAir  includes (optional)

The Hot 8@8 

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Wave’s Up!

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LA’s Spinnin’ Mixes are weekly 25-50 minute mix shows that are perfect for your Morning Drive, Lunch Time Rush, Afternoon Drive, or Late Night Party. Formatted to fit your Top 40, Rhythmic, or Dance station, but is also available in Urban and R&B or however your needs see fit.

Each mix is expertly planned out, programmed based on hits, and flawlessly mixed. LA’s Spinnin’ Mixes come hosted or un-hosted and are consistently on-time with detailed cue sheets/clocks for VO/imaging/or sponsors. These provide you with excellent sponsorship opportunities, plus excellent technical assistance. Also available for specific/special occasions and mini, 10-15 minute, power mixes.

Spinnin’ Mix 

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See what the industry is talking about:

“LAOnAir fits EXACTLY where I need it. I originally had it on Sunday nights, but have since moved it to weeknights. LA really knows how to move the needle and has an amazing ability to drive an audience, it’s incredible.” – Albie Dee, Program Director WOCQ.

“One of the most talented young men I’ve ever seen!” – Scott Jansen, Levay Entertainment.

“One of the easiest shows to download and put in, it’s always on time, and LA personally assists you if you have trouble with anything, it’s really amazing!” – Rob Jay, On Air Talent/Production Director, Adams Radio Group.

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