Halsey, the stunning performer, singer, and multi-Billboard Music Award winner, and also the “Bonnie” to G Eazy’s “Clyde” in their hit song together Him & I, took to Twitter last night shedding light on a very large problem for people who aren’t white.

This tweet made her near 10 millions followers blow a gasket… with some even thinking Halsey is white.

Halsey promptly replied…

Her father is actually African American with some Irish ancestry, and her mother is of Italian and Hungarian descent, which makes her mixed, not white.

Some of her fans even insulted her.

To which she responded…

(Which is, btw, very true.)

And when suggested to just “bring her own shampoo”, she said…

Then… she went at the bigger problem…

Unfortunately, this is a problem people of color have been dealing with for a while. When someone asks what “white privilege” is… this is part of it.


It is time for these “things”, these micro aggressions that the majority of white people do not even know are going on (white privilege), to end. Do we call upon these hotels to be more inclusive? What do you think?

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Source: Halsey via Twitter. Wikipedia. Image: Fuze.