Nickelodeon has ordered 40 NEW episodes of the iconic TV show “Double Dare“!!!

(…memories…coming back…to me…omg omg…)


Slash Film says Double Dare was “one of the crown jewels of [Nickelodeon’s] programming. It was the game show that every kid dreamed of being on.” (And it was.)

Maybe you don’t remember DD??? You aren’t old enough or your fam didn’t have the extended cable package? I’ll break it down for you… Basically, two teams compete to win prizes through answering different trivia questions and also by doing super ridiculous challenges that would’ve gotten you in SO MUCH trouble with your parents if you (we) would’ve done them in the kitchen. These challenges involve water, uncooked rice, green slime, whipped cream, and also expired milk.

The network plans to bring the show back to start this summer off.

Why are they bringing the show back? The Hollywood Reporter says that “reboots continue to be in high demand at broadcast, cable and streaming outlets as executives look to proved properties that will resonate with viewers…” They continue to say that we, the viewers, can expect multiple more reboots coming soon. Like 520 airing this year.


Nickelodeon, on Twitter, confirmed it.

My favorite fan reaction…

Source: CNN, Hollywood Reporter, Slash Film. Image: Twitter, CNN.