With over 50 MILLION views in just 4 days, the new Childish Gambino ain’t nothing to sleep on.

Donald Glover opened his monologue this past Saturday night while hosting “Saturday Night Live” with “I’m an actor, a writer and a singer. Some people have described me as a triple threat. But I kind of like to call myself just a threat.” Glover said. I mean, obviously, Donald Glover is crazy talented. He even pulled out his hip-hop alter ego named Childish Gambino to perform two brand new songs for the audience as the episode’s musical guest.

He performed a skit taking rap group Migos to Group Therapy in Glover’s skit “Friendos.” (WATCH “Friendos” here) One of the songs Gambino performed has absolutely stunned America. See if you can pick up on any of the messages about race, violence and the entertainment industry…

WATCH Donald Glover’s “This Is America“:

When the video was released Saturday night, the whole internet and Twitter-verse went buzzing, including the idea that Trayvon Martin’s father, Tracy Martin, was the man playing the guitar in the beginning of the video. This, however relevant and likely, is not true.

Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” is being called “The New Shape of Protest Music in America” by WIRED, categorizing it’s genre as “trap-gospel” as the song is “one of the most unconventional protest songs of the modern era.”


This scene is very Michael Jackson-esque, alluding to his classic “Bad” video, which also used an abandoned city block to spotlight the internal conflicts of a black person’s space in society.

The Rolling Stone calls “This Is America” an “upsettingly vivid illustration of the Faustian bargain that black America makes on a regular basis,” The Rolling Stone continues on to say that being in black America means trading their bodies for their “expression and freedom.”

Time Magazine breaks down each symbol that appears in the music video perfectly here.

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Source: YouTube. Image: VEVO, RCA Records.