G-Eazy was arrested in Sweden after attacking an over-zealous fan, security guards, and later found to be in possession of cocaine.

TMZ says G-Eazy was partying with friends after his show on Wednesday night in Stockholm, Sweden. Eazy “Clyde” was accompanied by his girlfriend Halsey “Bonnie” and also rapper Sean Kingston — he was also seen handing out shots.

Butttttttttt, apparently G was “acting pretty belligerent.” Several security guards had approached him and asked him to “calm down” …which we should all know from his 2015 single titled “Calm Down“, you should not do.

We’ve heard that he and his security were going after a fan who was taking pics of his girlfriend Halsey in the VIP area. G-Eazy’s team refused the fan who, after some persistence, eventually gave up.

However, the fan then decided to return again about five minutes later and just began snapping pics anyway, which then caused one of G-Eazy’s crew to promptly smash the fan’s phone on the ground.

This is when G-Eazy started to throw punches … he “accidentally” also socked a bouncer in the face multiple times, leading to his arrest. Then, once arrested, the Stockholm police  discovered Eazy to be in the possession of cocaine.

Here is his $100 bill confiscated by police…

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 11.07.28 AM


This story is still developing.

Source: TMZ,  Image: Larry Busacca, Getty Images.