Wednesday, January 27, 2021

LA Debuts BTS x Lauv’s “Make It Right” in Philadelphia &...

Watch the moment LA debuts BTS and Lauv’s new song together, "MakeItRight," in Philadelphia and REACTS to it... LIVE!

Olivia O’Brien Says ‘NO WAY’ to Texting Your Ex In Quarantine...

Olivia O'Brien came on IG LIVE with LA and talked about her songwriting process, Josslyn, the full story behind Tequila Wine, quarantine plans,

a VERY LA Christmas Playlist

I firmly believe that it is never too early to start listening to Christmas music. So, enjoy a VERY LA Christmas playlist I've hand-picked and created just for you!

LA Talks Possible One Direction Reunion, The Future of ‘Live’ Concerts,...

Watch LA discuss the future of Live concert, Miley Cyrus and Blink 182's possible album collab, and details on a very likely One Direction special or reunion!

Choose Your Quarantine Fighter! Which Quarantine Character Are You Today?

Honestly, which quarantine character are you today? Watch this video below from LAOnAir and pick your outfit! Like Athlete, Zoom Meeting, Drinky, Munchies & more!

Watch Jules Give LA A “High-Five” In This Adorable Video

I was sitting at the dining room table, eating eggs and bacon for breakfast when our dog Jules starts begging for some.

LA’s Photoshop Challenge

I am blown away by how awesome these pics are that The Fam photoshopped - I mean, these are SO GREAT! Check 'em out...

Sofia Carson Answers Fan Q&A with LA on IG LIVE

Sofia Carson went on Instagram LIVE today with LAOnAir to answer all of the questions you've been wanting to have answered!

LA REACTS to Louis Tomlinson’s “We Made It” Song & Music...

Louis Tomlinson's brand new song, "We Made It" is so good! I had to watch the music video that came along with it and react to it.

I Have The Best​ Dog Ever, Don’t @ Me

-- Okay... so it's not really my dog, it's my girlfriend, Sam's dog, Jules. This woof is literally the sweetest, cutest, bestest woof in the world. (Everyone...