If you’re part of the ever growing single population, and aren’t sure what to do with yourself on Valentines day… here are some great ideas!!!

1. Have a movie marathon featuring your celebrity crush.

Are you really into Leonardo DiCaprio? Or Eva Mendes? Collect all of your favorite actor’s movies and spend Valentine’s Day with your true (on-screen) love.

2. Babysit for a couple that never gets a night out.


Know someone who would love to take a night off from parent duties to spend some quality time with their partner? Offer to watch their kids for the night since you don’t have any plans. They’ll probably even pay you.

3. Treat yourself by signing up for a single’s subscription box.

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Thanks to Birchbox, subscription boxes of all sorts have been coming out of the wood works. Recently singles everywhere have been raving about boxes like Singles Swagthat deliver books, beauty products, and snacks to your doorstep.

4. Go on a shopping spree and take advantage of the holiday sales.


Take the money you would have spent on dinner and chocolates and put it towards a new wardrobe. Plus, tons of stores usually have sales that you can save on!

5. Do a Secret Santa-like Valentine exchange with your other single friends.

Put everyone’s name into a hat and have flowers delivered, chocolates bought, or a dinner planned for your pick.

6. Pamper yourself at a spa.

Take advantage of all the “me-time” you’re getting by indulging in a massage or mani-pedi.

7. Gather your friends and play Tinder roulette.


Hook up your phone to a TV and broadcast your Tinder page to the whole room. Take turns swiping on each of your profiles and maybe you’ll find a date for next year’s Valentine’s Day.

8. Laugh it up.

KC Bailey/FX/”Louie”

Laughing gives you endorphins, which as Elle Woods taught us, makes you happy. So hit up a comedy club or watch some stand up on Netflix.

9. Celebrate Galentine’s Day.


Get the gang together to do something fun as a group. Whether it’s going to brunch or watching the famous “Parks and Rec” episode that started it all, it’ll give you a chance to spend quality time with people you care about.

10. Go on a vacation.

This might be the first or last Valentine’s Day that you don’t have commitments or plans. Take the spare time you have to go somewhere you’ve always wanted to. Be sure to avoid these places though, because they’re a hot spot for couples.

11. Take the day to unplug.

If you tend to get annoyed by all the happy couples on Valentine’s Day, then take the day off from social media.

You’ll finally know what it feels like to be unplugged and it could help you put your phone down more if you’re one of those people who feels addicted to it.

12. Take a note from Jessica Biel’s character in “Valentine’s Day” and throw an anti-Valentine’s day party.

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Maybe you’re single by choice or maybe you’re just happily waiting for the right person, but that doesn’t make Valentine’s Day any less awkward and awful.

Be honest with how you feel about it and surround yourself with people who think it’s just as cheesy and annoying as you do. Ban anything pink, red, or covered in hearts and bash February 14 as much as you want.

13. Do something your ex hated.

Did your ex hate eating Indian food even though you loved it? Or did they roll their eyes every time you turned on country music? Did they ask you not to wear 6-inch heels?

If there was ever anything that you did less of in your last relationship, then spend your entire day doing it! Eat the Indian food and blast the country music and rock those stilettos.

14. Take a class.

If there’s a class you’ve been dying to try, see if there are any spots available on Valentine’s Day. Lots of people will have plans for the night so it’ll be the perfect time to take that spin class you’ve never been able to get a spot in.

15. Veg out.


Order all the junk food. Watch all the Netflix. Do all the chilling. And maybe you’ll forget that it was even a holiday to begin with.

16. Grab a friend and fake your way through all the couples deals.

Discounted dinner for two? Half off a couple’s massage? These employees don’t need to know that you’re not actually dating.

17. Buy your favorite things and relish the fact that you don’t have to share them.


Buy your favorite wine, candy, or food and keep it all to yourself. You won’t have to give up one of your fries, split a bottle of wine that you’d rather keep to yourself, or share your bag of candy. Enjoy the fact that it’s all for you.


Don’t fret being single… you’re the best YOU you could ask for!!!

(Source: Insider)