The Number 33

Let me tell you about something that happened today…

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Selfies and long posts are my least fav thing but… today is an exception.

Life has been very wild this past month. Running social for our HQ grand-opening, Barcelona, Cruise, Bahamas, Baltimore, Lewis Capaldi on Sunday, bank account on E…it’s like going 1,000mph with no brakes or cushions. (And I’m not complaining in the slightest, I LOVE IT, but it’s tolling)

It’s actually (Have you ever felt like you were in a constant haze or fog?) I’ve been talking to God a lot lately just to try to clear my head. And it might sound weird, but the number 33 is special to me and every time I’m wondering what to do or need help, I’ll see the number 33 in the most random places.

And, today was crazy.

For the first time today, I rode the train into center city. (Okay… I know) But this was hard for me – I can talk to thousands of people every night but can’t even manage being in a train station?

(You can even ask my boss, last week I went into 30th street station to ride back to the radio station and I got all the way to the platform and literally turned back around and called a Lyft because I just.couldn’t.manage.)

Well today I felt spoken to in a way that I can’t really describe, other than the signs were SO clear. I mean, it was WEIRD y’all.

From the moment I got in my car to go to work on a new commute I’ve been timid of, (I’ve been like, dipping my toe in the water, but not actually getting in), to scanning around on radio stations and finding “K Love,” to hear them… the minute I realize it’s a Christian station… the jocks saying “maybe you just got in your car and feel lost,” to frantically realizing I needed gas and there being a whole herd of cars waiting and having a spot open right in front of me, to getting to the train station and the only parking spot left is spot #33, to running to the platform (having no idea what I’m doing) and trying to get the fare kiosk to work when one of the 3 people at this stop waiting came over to help me (apparently you pay when you get off) and after talking, this guy was a manager for SEPTA and was just taking the train but still wanted to help me, to stopping at CVS on the way home, needing content for tonight’s IG Live, and giving me the PERFECT items (you’ll see)… I mean these things seem small but it just goes on and on and I can only barely begin to describe it.

Idk what your relationship is with God and I’ve personally been on-and-off in my relationship with the big guy upstairs. But today proved to me that no matter what you’ve been through or what you’ve done or what you’re relationship is with Him, if any at all, He’s got you.

And, I was debating on posting this, but you guys today was just so real and so amazing I can’t help but share 🙌🏽

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