Well This Escalated VERY Quickly…

From “Hollywood”- to -“Hollyweed” and “Shut the f*ck up y’all n*gg*s ain’t know sh*t”.

We’re all hip that the Hollywood sign was changed on New Years Day to look like dis:

The incredible people who did this? They actually confessed. There names are “Artist” Zach Fernandez and his gf/boo thang Sarah Fern. Veronica Rocha, LA Times, says Fernandez dressed in all camo, used a rope to swing around the letters, and then used plastic clamps to clip the sheets of fabric and the peace/heart photographs to them. Fernandez told Vice the entire act took about two hours after careful planning and inspiration from a Cal State student back in ’76.

Here’s the original jaunt:

 They will be presented to the district attorneys office in the coming days, they will then decide the charges, if any.

…But what wasn’t expected was the firestorm that took over social media rooting from “Hollyweed”.

I think it’s great.


Are ya lungs feelin’ itchy?

And even… (WARNING: explicit language down there)

Like a tree in dis bish.

It’s incredible how fast a single act of courage can spread like nice ham on hot toast. And even more incredible how many memes can be created in 4 days.

Which one’s your favorite? What do you think about the first meme of 2017?